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Thank you for visiting my blog. I can gurantee you will have a wonderful experience checking out my youth delegate experience in Norway. When i got the opportunity to represent Rwanda Youth in Norway i was absolutely honoured and i knew i had a lot of work to do. Sit back, fasten your seatbelts and let me take you through the roller coaster journey of being a youth delegate in, frustration, excitement...........

Monday, October 12, 2009

Old is Gold!!

Last week, on tuesday we had the honour of being invited to the lørenskog red cross branch which was celebrating the 60th anniversary since the inception of the besøkstjenesten activity. The besøkstjenesten activity is basically an activity which involves care for the elderly or "senior citizens" as they are respectfully refered to.

mama Toril making a speech

In this activity, volunteers either go to the homes of the elderly people and have a one to one chat with them by talking to them, visiting them and getting to give them company or the red cross branch can organise activities like trips to the museum and other fun things where the senior citizens living in the homes of the elderly are invited.

senior citizens having  a chat

Just like any other anniversay we had speeches from the branch leaders, a presentation about the activities of the redcross especially in war ravaged areas like afghanistan, congo, sudan, rwanda(after 1994) e.t.c which had some very emotionally moving scenes. We also enjoyed music and lots of cake!! Just before we left, one of the "senior citizens" told me " thank you for coming and now you have witnessed for yourself that elderly people in norway have a good time" and honestly, i couldnot agree more!!

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