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Thank you for visiting my blog. I can gurantee you will have a wonderful experience checking out my youth delegate experience in Norway. When i got the opportunity to represent Rwanda Youth in Norway i was absolutely honoured and i knew i had a lot of work to do. Sit back, fasten your seatbelts and let me take you through the roller coaster journey of being a youth delegate in, frustration, excitement...........

Friday, November 6, 2009

saying bye to october actively!!!

On friday 31st of october, we were invited to participate in an active choice instructor's course in oslo. It was really nice to be back at haralsheim hostel because it brought back a lot of good memories that i shared with the other youth delegates.

Youths playing with dildos at the seminar

 The seminar also had IHL(international humanitarian law) and rules of war instructor's course. It was well attended with over 3o youths showing up. It was very informative, and we got to interact and learn from these really active and vibrant youths.

taking a break from the intensive presentations

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end so after everybody was now officially either an active choice or IHL instructor, what better way to crown it all up than partying....huh?? so we had a small farewell party on saturday and left sunday after noon....

save the last dance...before we left for home

I am pretty sure that wherever these youths will go, they will positively influence their peers  because they got all the potential and skills that they need. Thanks guys and it was a pleasure to meet you all at the seminar.

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